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Genuine independent escort will carry copy of their medical records with them. It is important that you do not skip this step.Most people hire escorts from agencies that offer such services to clients. If you decide to hire escorts from an agency you will get several benefits. The good thing about hiring West London escorts from agencies is that they are screened for quality and not any of the escorts is accepted click here. Therefore, you can be assured of having a great experience with them. It is also good to take great care as you select the escort agencies.If you are visiting one of the big urban centers in West London, you may need the services of West London escorts for companion and entertainment during your stay. If you know agencies or specific escorts your experience will be better. Below are some things you need to know about hiring West London escorts.There are many West London escorts who work independently and do not work with an agency. Most of them do this, so that they can earn more from the clients. It is good to note that most of the independent escorts are smarter and more intelligent. A high number of them will provide high quality services, own their websites where they promote their personal escort services. They are better because they are more flexible than those working under agencies and can tweak their services if you pay more.Escort business in West London is a legal business. Hiring an escort who is below 18 years of age is, therefore illegal. Therefore, ensure that you do not hire an escort who is underage to avoid conflict with law enforcement services of prostitution.It is important to verify medical details of any West London escort you hire check this link to know more about it London escorts. This will help you avoid any health problem when you come into contact with the escorts or have sex with them.